Peninsula AMCL Ltd. Peninsula Asset Management Company Ltd. (Peninsula AMCL) offers innovative investment opportunities in capital market and money market of Bangladesh to cater diverse needs of investors. It is also mandated to offer corporate advisory services, which focus on advising and assisting companies in finding financing partners on debt and/or equity basis, in capital restructuring and in Merger & Acquisitions.

Company Brief

Peninsula Asset Management Company Ltd. (Peninsula AMCL) incorporated in Bangladesh on January 03, 2010 under the Companies Act, 1994 and was awarded with Asset Management Company (AMC) license by Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) on September 04, 2013.

The company aims at generating the highest risk-adjusted return consistently over the investment horizon for the investors to accumulate wealth. Peninsula strives to manage funds across the risk-return continuum, which includes equity, debt and money market oriented funds. Its corporate advisory services encompass both primary and intermediary institutional investors.

Professional approach, strong corporate governance and continuous thrust for innovation are the key strengths of the company on which Peninsula wants to build itself as one of the finest AMCs in Bangladesh.

Value Creation for Clients

Peninsula AMCL has commenced its journey to cater the diverse needs of capital market participants through channeling funds from surplus segment to deficit. Peninsula strives to create highest value for its clients, by focusing on consistent return on risk adjusted basis over a longer period through-

ü  Quality Research Coverage to find Undervalued Scrips

ü  Combination of Growth and Value Scrips

ü  Portfolio Diversification

ü  Portfolio Rebalancing by Overweighting and/or Underweighting and

ü  Market Timing

Peninsula manages the portfolio on behalf of the investors focusing on fundamental analysis with portfolio diversification encompassing top-down investment strategy. Despite ongoing market volatility, there are undervalued stocks which will yield superior return in long run while being less volatile. Peninsula is also avowed to maintain this value creation process abiding by all regulatory rules and directives.


Peninsula offers innovative investment opportunity to investors through exposure in equity, money market and debt based investment products.


Corporate Office:
Road No- 06, House No- 21 (3rd Floor), Flat No- 301, Block No- D, Gulshan, Niketon, Dhaka -1212
+88 02 9852788
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